About Fantasy Candies


Joel Fink

Following a lifetime love for chocolate and the pursuit of a dream, in 1989 Chocolate Expert Joel Fink began culminated years of sweet exploration and started Fantasy Candies Chocolate Factory. We have achieved production of the freshest, most delectable pure Swiss chocolate sensations, guaranteed to satisfy true chocolate connoisseurs. Our creations include specialties of crunchy, chewy, and decadent combinations of the never before thought of. We cordially invite you to allow yourself to be immersed in our "whole new world of chocolate".


A head of the pack
After 15 years of careful research and development, in 2006, Joel Fink perfected the blend of hi-cocoa chocolate named SweetDreams 72. The 72% cocoa solids (the combination of cocoa powder and cocoa butter) is an extraordinary hi-cocoa chocolate in its' finest and most delicious form. Never bitter, SweetDreams 72 is not only the most decadent chocolate on earth, it is very high in flavanoid antioxidants. The health benefits are impressive and extensive. Please visit our site often for the most up to date information and links for information about the health benefits of high cocoa chocolate as well as fun with chocolate (ie. Which wines go best with certain chocolates).